Here at Atkinson Carpet we are dedicated to running a sustainable operation by taking all measures to reduce our organization's carbon footprint. Our corporate office uses energy efficient lighting and appliances, recycled office supplies, and green cleaning products. Each year we add new vehicles to our fleet that are more environmentally friendly and our employees carpool to job sites. 

We partner with a variety of manufacturers that have been carefully selected for their quality of products and their commitment to the environment. All of the manufacturers that we work with are committed to sustainable practices on the national level, and for some, a global level. For example, some manufacturers have products that are Red List Free, thereby eliminating harmful products from entering clientโ€™s spaces - offices, classrooms, etc. Other manufacturers are working to help implement new legislation to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials that are used in the flooring industry.

When possible, we request that manufacturers ship our orders in large, bin boxes, as opposed to individual boxes - thereby drastically reducing cardboard waste. We use low-VOC adhesives and floor preparation materials, and have non-glue adhesives methods for installing materials. No used materials go into landfills. We recycle by converting trash to energy as well as shipping used products back to manufactures so they can be made into new products.